This great tale has a great significant in history and is popular tale from Mesopotamia (which is today known as Iraq and some part of Iran and turkey) and this describes the work art and literature of ancient time. According to many scholars it is thought that it is the oldest document which is written on this earth. Its origin is from Sumerians era and also describes the story of king Gilgamesh and the format of this event was of poetry and twelve volumes were narrated. The Sumerian language is not easy to translate and hardly few people got the skill of that and later on for literature purpose it was translated.

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Basically the story of Gilgamesh consist of two characters, one is the King Uruk, Gilgamesh and second is the friend or companion of King whose names was Enkidu. King Gilgamesh was a cruel ruler and aggressive person and thinks himself like of god but on the other side Enkidu was also wild person and he was sent to over come the power of King because he has strong control all over citizens. With the passage of time both became good friends and went on many adventures like firstly they went to defeat Humbaba, Cedar Mountains and after this success their next journey was to kill Bull of Heaven. The main focus of the story is to look in depth the quest of his friend immortal death and the emotions and the sentiments of the king are also explained in detail and that the theme of the story was sad because it shows how strong the relation of king and Enkidu had. The epic in later part has the focus on the secrets which king tried to learn the immorality and he holds a significant position in the culture.

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All characters that were related to the epic are well used in the story and they deliver the message of virtue for human beings in a very effective manner. After reading the document on King Gilgamesh you can better understand the situation of that time and the feelings of King on the loss of his closed friend. All in all the characters and the story it self has strong hold on human mind.

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