Group Think


Research tells us that the original founder of the concept “Groupthink” Irving Janis. According to him groupthink is the vast concept and it can be best practiced when any group is about to make decision and then at that time try to influence the audience according to our believes. Groupthink is the activity which keeps the mental level busy and deteriorates the mental efficiency. The pressure from inner group is high and it keeps making the individuals of the group to reconsider the decision. Sometime great pressure from peers and family results in a bad decision and some loss has to be faced then.

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Positive and Negative Effects of Groupthink:

The main reason why this concept came into being is that to make the people feel relax and to make their decisions successful and the purpose why it is in always group because of accomplishment of the tasks. The method to achieve the goals in a group can be done by doing brainstorming sessions. Try to figure out the points which are helpful to make your target achievable. Leaders are made from the group of the people but they do possess some unique qualities and they are responsible for entire group activity. It is hard to bring the whole group on one point because thinking ability varies from one person to another. The advantage of having groups is to have the diversity at workplace. Managerial innovation can also be obtained after having group discussions. Apart from that there are many other benefits attached to this term. In group the skills of an individual do get polish and he/she learn from other members of the group.

There are different forms of groups and that group which are target oriented, they do have the members like that who thinks in terms of achieving goals and have strength and qualities which differs them from others. Each and every category of group has the different usage and under tense and complicated situation goal oriented groups are usually assigned tasks. It is observed that sometime groupthink process can lead to negative stage when people in group start thinking that they can not do wrong and they are always right. It is good to have high confidence but not over confidence because it then ruins the performance of the entire group. A research conducted by William Safire on the commission report on 9/11 suggested that groupthink can be interlinked with collaboration which also
means to work together whereas, groupthink condition is strictly bound in a group. Debates take place during group discussions and members tries to listen each and every individual idea. Before making any final decision it is important to give chance to all members to say what they wanted to.

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Just to wrap up all discussion it is concluded that group thinking has both positive and negative effects. It is the way we adopt the term and then make it use according to our work requirement. The problem with groupthink is not necessarily because of decision and execution but rather a combination of the decision making process itself. The most important factor here is the diversity of the people and it should not be neglected in any condition.


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