Hate Crimes

The Impact of Hate Crimes on Families and Society

Violent act depends upon the circumstances which creates any individual to do so. When talk about USA, the rate of rape is that every 7 women is raped out of thousand and the reason is of frustration from the media. On the other hand the hate crimes among gays in USA are also very high and some steps need to be taken in this regard. From the emergence of media these sorts of crimes are highlighted on common platform and shared the violation with gays on big level.

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While the victims of hate crimes endure the ultimate suffering, hate crimes also traumatize the victim’s families as well. Family members often feel guilty for not being able to protect their loved ones from hate crime perpetrators. Additionally, these feelings of guilt and depression affect the family members’ performance at school or work. Family members also lose trust in the criminal justice system if the perpetrator is not caught or is not punished to the full extent of the law.

In addition to the emotional trauma that families endure, they may also experience severe financial difficulties. If the victim of the hate crime dies as a result of the crime, the family may be responsible for funeral expenses and medical bills.

Extending beyond families of victims, hate crimes also impact society as a whole. Hate crimes can effectively intimidate members of the community to which the hate crime victim belonged. Members of the targeted community harbor feelings of vulnerability and feel neglected by law enforcement agencies. If members of the targeted communities are left to feel this way, they become suspicious and less trusting of members of other groups.

Many violent crimes are being committed on the basis of the sexual orientation, in the America this rate is increasing at an alarming rate. Approx about over one half of the women are murdered by there male partners. On the other hand the crime rate in gays and lesbian women are also increasing in the late 90’s many cases of guys murders and lesbian were came out by the media. These crimes are increasing at the high rate in the city California; all the crimes are committed on the basis of the race and ethnicity. In the area of Sacramento one in five lesbian and one in four gays are the victims of hate crimes. In the United States about every 7 of 1000 women is the victim of the rape which is increasing with the time. The statistics regarding the people who are disabling is not available because this category is just added in this regard. Federal Bureau of Investigation only started collecting information regarding disabled victims in 1997.


Many family members are suffering from the hate crimes which affect their performances at work and school as well. Some of the people have lost trust on the criminal justice due to the system that the perpetrator are not given punish according to the law. Many members feel guilt while having the hate crimes act which affect their life. On the other side some time family have to bear the unseen expenses like the funeral or the medical treatment as a result of the hate crimes. Hate crime as a whole affect the whole society and all the members of the society, if this culture of hate crime is not stopped or proper system is not implemented according to the law then people will have the feeling of insecurity and will not trust the members in a society.

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