Sociology – Invisible

Paper Details: why does harrington argue that”the other America” is invisble? What has happened in america sociiety post world war II to make this population invisble?

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One of the most commonly told morality tales is that presidents can come from a background from the most humble of origins and although social classes, more and more being defined by money are long lasting, there existed considerable social mobility in the 19050s and the 1960s. In the 17 years between World War II and 1962, more people moved from being categorized as less affluent and into the economic middle that any time before or after. This mass movement of people to the economic middle class led many to underestimate the extent of poverty in the United States.

Harrington wanted his audience to acknowledge the fact that regardless of the apparent national consensus that the “affluent society” had arrived, there had been continued widespread poverty in an “invisible land” which existed in urban slums as well as rural isolation term papers. In fact, poverty was more than just a mere lack of income but in fact had become a distinct and separate culture. Larger social and economic forces, especially inner-city unemployment, were obvious causes of poverty.

One thing that made Harrington’s appeal timely was the fact that al doubt about the future of the economy had been dispelled. These doubts originated from the Great Depression itself. The popular notion was that it was ended as a result of the war which revived: unlimited economic demand. Anyone looking for a job could get one. The victory gave many a few the impressions that the government was powerful enough to do just about anything. As such, newspapers gave the impression that people should look forward to a bright future where every family would have a home and even veterans could afford college education. This impression grew over the years in strength that the US economy was so strong that it could do anything.

As a result of this, the culture of poverty prevailed under the disguise of affluent society. The poor of America remained invisible to the common men and society.

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