John Wilkes Booth: His Life And Death


john wilkes boothJohn Wilkes Booth is a very well known actor of America and his fame was due to the assassination of Abraham Lincoln and also famous for his stage performances as a theatre actor in his days. His father Junius Brutus booth and mother marry ann. Holmes moves to United States from England in him year 1821 his father Junius was also an actor. His home was called silly place and is still in the same condition as it was in the past but it is not open for visitors because it is purchased by Harford County.

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Booth During Civil War:

He was very young when he started giving performance on stages and at the age of seventeen he did participated in Shakespeare Richard III and after that in 1858 he became the member of Richmond theatre. With the end of year 1860 Abraham Lincoln was elected as president Booth made a speech which shows his support for the south states. On April 12 1861 the civil war broke out and there were eleven southern states which got detached from the unions.

In 1861, Abraham Lincoln inserted martial law in the country and that step was hated by many and no one was happy with that including Booth too.

Booth And Lincoln:

Booth clearly showed his hate for Abraham Lincoln and his love for south for this reason he was arrested by the forces in 1862. Although this arrest was made because of the power and rights were in the hands of Abraham Lincoln but they both meet each other at several occasions also like Lincoln watched many plays of booth.

He watched the marble heart at fords theatre in Washington in which john Wilkes booth performed high. Booth made plans for kidnapping Abraham Lincoln from his summer residence on November 25 1864 john Wilkes first time performed with his two other brothers names Junius and Edwin. The plans which Booth made to kill Lincoln all got failed and then he decided to shoot Lincoln whenever he found that point at which it would be done. Booth was the supporter of north and he was against the powers and special rights given to the Lincoln. All these factors lead him to take an unethical step.

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Booth’s Tragic Death:

The death of Booth was not a surprised because it was something that was expected and in the morning of April 26 booth was arrested by the soldiers from the tobacco barn which was owned by Richard Garrett and David Harold. Booth refused to surrender and gave a tough time to the forces and he was shot dead by the soldier’s fire on the neck. Booth was in the paralyzed condition because the bullets damaged his spinal cord. At the time of death he was staring at his hands and spoken the words

Tell mother I died for my country useless………..useless…..

After the death the body was taken to the Washington navy yard for identification at that time his cousin who was also an actor and was called Blanche Chapman identified his body and was buried in the old penitentiary.


There is no doubt about the great life of Booth and his achievements will always remain memorable in the hearts of his fans.



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