Leadership as well as Organizational Change Concepts Worksheet

Run “Building a Culture for sustaning change” Think about some of the opportunities facing Crystel with regard to leadership and organizational change

Organizational culture is a mirror image of things that the leadership values as well as the performance of people inside the organization normally relate to one another, divide ideas plus work and think together on an every day basis and it includes the shared vision of directions, commitment and feelings of loyalty as well as personal worth within the Organization.

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Organizations undergo change due to external factors (technological advancements, market expansion) or due to internal factors (change in culture, amalgamation of departments) and it require analyzing the behavioral implications that are related to change inorder to sustain as well as manage the change process. People make up an organization—not procedures. An organization needs to inspire a learning culture that also reinforces flexibility to assist all stakeholders to adapt quickly in changing circumstances. It needs to apply behavioral practices to set aside the possibility of resistance to change. Only an organization that is proactive has the inert ability to enjoy sustainable long-term change without adversely affecting day-to-day operations

Being responsible for 30% of an organization’s culture makes company leader’s key determinants of the culture. Companies with a positive constructive culture are better equipped to adapt to changes. “As leaders within the company change, the employees will emulate their behavior on the new leaders’, just as each of them will not be the same.

As many successful companies with positive organizational cultures groom their leaders from within, the new leader is well-aware of the organizational culture and practices it himself they are better equipped to continue to lead consistent with that culture, to control the situation. They have thrived under the previous leadership and it has become a part of them, so the inevitable changes, do not affect the strong foundations of the organizational culture.

The organizational change required has some technical aspects, which clearly call for careful planning, assignment of resources and responsibilities, project management of various component tasks, and monitoring progress. Primarily, the changes required will affect people’s lives in tangible ways or psychologically. The change therefore, affects the whole organization with the senior management responsible for it. If organizations launch into a change in a situation where the chances of success are invariably low, it can prove to be immensely damaging. The efforts devoted to creating the change are wasted, leaving the organization worse off and the potential benefits of the change process not realized. For this very reason, it is critical to assess the capacity of the organization to endure the change process.

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