Legal, Regulatory And Ethical Issues In B2B And B2C Websites

In today’s era, the Internet has become such a vital means of commerce that one can’t deny its importance. More than 50% of the business is conducted through the web as well as it has become a substantial base for conducting business. This business is either business-to-business that is B2B or business to customer that is B2C.

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Now moving further with the legal, regulatory and ethical implications of these B2B and B2C business I would like to briefly some light on the connotation of this B2B and B2C business

The B2B business is the term that is used to describe trade, which is done between two businesses. For instance, leather company sort out and clean leather and sell it to the shoe manufacturing company. This trade, between two businesses is B2B business.

On the other hand, B2C business is the term used to describe trade, which is done between a business and the end consumer. For instance, the show manufacturing company-selling shoes to the end user, it is B2C business.

Moving further, let us look at some implications regarding legal, regulatory and ethical issues which are there in a B2B and B2C business website

The first as well as foremost issue in e commerce business, whether B2B or B2C, is of security and privacy. A lot of people are reluctant to give their personal information on the Internet. Like contact numbers or credit card numbers just in case that might be misused. Therefore, the B2C and B2B business traders who are having their own websites must make sure that the information that is given by the users on their website is kept strictly confidential. This ethical implication is the most vital to work upon. One must try to build trust and confidence among the users because they are the most important asset for the company, and ultimate source of profits. It is important to ask for the consent of the user prior to publishing any detail of the user on the website or anywhere else for the business purpose. Without asking for the consent of the user before publishing the details, it might offend them and the information may be used by some other sources in a negative manner.

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