Louis Daniel Armstrong: His Life And Death


Louis Daniel ArmstrongLouis Daniel Armstrong was born in the poorest place of New Orleans on 4 August 1901. He took birth in a very poor family in New Orleans. He spent his childhood in dancing and singing, performing on street to get pennies to buy his meals. Influential Career of Louis Armstrong made him the most successful and talented jazz musician in history of music world. His influence and demonstrative career continues to make waves in the world of jazz. That is what made him become still alive in hearts of people, with the tag of one of the most popular musicians of the 20th century he is a legend too.

louis danie armstrong

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Career Beginning:

At a New Year’s celebration in 1913, Louis Daniel Armstrong fired a pistol into the air that is aerial fire and was placed in the home of Colored Waifs. It was the place then where he was introduced to Peter Davis, the brass band leader. He taught him playing the cornet. Finally, Davis made Armstrong the band leader. The Home band played around New Orleans and the very young, thirteen year old Louis started to draw attention by his cornet playing, this way his musical career began. There was a big hand of Armstrong’s big band group of recordings in presenting him as a band leader, solo variety attraction, and jester.

In the 1920s Armstrong gave his instrument skills a face that is practical and professional beginning of his career and began to play at different venues and in different occasions in New Orleans. Due to These performances Armstrong developed his sense of sound and got his unique tone with the trumpet.

Joe King Oliver

In 1922, Armstrong moved to Chicago and joined Joe “King” Oliver to play his second trumpet. During the time spent he met Hoagy Carmichael with whom he would have collaborated later. in the early 1920s, Oliver’s band was on the peak that time and most influential hot jazz band in Chicago, at a time when Chicago was the center of the jazz universe. Armstrong lived a king life in Chicago, in his own apartment with his own private bath for the very first time since his childhood. This brought his excitement more as he was to be in Chicago.

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Armstrong’s Death:

After a grand performance at the Waldorf-Astoria’s Empire Room He could no longer play the trumpet at all, Louis Daniel Armstrong ended his life. He died at the age of 69 on July 6, 1971. National American television covered his funeral. The world was shocked by the news of greatest musician and entertainer Louis Daniel Armstrong death.


Louis Armstrong influenced almost every aspect of jazz style and technique. He was the first performer who improvised and elaborated on a melody. This technique has been copied again and again by time. A freedom to music was introduced by Louis Daniel Armstrong. No doubt, with out this American genius music would never be what it is in present.


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