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Paper Details: What are some of the other ideas that Harrington suggests for integrating “the other America” into the mainstream of America society? How does he propose to achieve this integration?

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Harrington did not give any change in the American institution regarding the helping of the poor people. The author wanted that all the trade unions, leaders and all the people should work together with the government to provide help to the needy and helpless people and are the victims of poverty. By this act may be we can lift there moral and living standards and may give them a new hope of life. By adopting such manners they will be able to work in much better way and he was not a supporter of any radical decisions.

Suggestions and thoughts:

The author give many suggestions to raise the level of the poor and unemployed people and to give the new ways to the government for their greater and permanent income programs for these people who are not working due to there personal problems and give them as much as benefit we can by different programs of housing and security. He believed that government should help out their nation and give offers and opportunities to make them feel secure. It has been said that the people from the other America are more working for the elimination of the poverty culture.

It has often been said that The Other America was more towards gearing expressions of sympathy rather than providing concrete suggestions to achieve the elimination of this culture of poverty. Even so, the final plan of the Great Society program for ending poverty in the United States did carry out, to some extent, Harrington’s commitment towards ending the culture of poverty. As a result of this, the culture of poverty prevailed under the disguise of affluent society. The poor of America remained invisible to the common men and society.


From the suggestions of the author programs are carry out in the America for the poverty to the some extent but a large number of poor people are remained not visible to the society and the common people.


Harrington, M. (1962). The other America; poverty in the United States. New York: Macmillan

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