Term Paper on Medical Transcription

This profession has a heavy employment rate in hospitals and medical institutions. Hiring is also done in the medical departments of any multinational company or corporate organization. The key job definition includes preparing the patient receipts, analyzing pharmaceutical receipts and generating hard copies of all test reports of all patients.

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This profession is only dissolvable in the medicine industry. It is an obvious point that a medical transcription professional is not required in the engineering department of a company. Hospitals, medical organizations and private clinics are some of the employment providers. Clinics which are run by private doctors on a small scale require individuals in this department. Doctors need assistance for all the paper work and record maintenance of all the patients. This gives them a systematic data base of all the patients. Professionals need to have e medical background. Receipting and transcription can be done by any individual. How ever if the particular candidate does not have a medical background then there is a complication. He would find it difficult to cater with the names of diseases and their symptoms.

In some cases an individual in this field is required to be a doctor. He needs an MBBS degree to qualify for a job. There fore the academic level required does vary according to the job description. Certain jobs do not have that high a requirement and hence they hire high school pass outs for a lesser pay comparatively. The employment opportunities are available according to the academic qualifications. How ever there is no scarcity of jobs for an individual in the field of medical transcription. How ever senior positions are only awarded to experienced and highly qualified individuals.

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