Milton And Shakespeare – A Comparison of Poetry

Milton And Shakespeare

Both of the artists are great and memorable personality in the history. It is not easy to compare their writing qualities because both of them have something different in nature and Shakespeare was a man who has full power and strength on his writing and he has the ability to capture the audience and make them laugh and also gave them a thought provoking feelings. But as far as Milton is considered he was simple man but has versatile nature and a poet and mystic of great time. Milton was born on 9 December 1608 in City of London and his art work was outstanding and they both were the only poet who served the nation in seventh century. It is not fair to argue on these two big poets and Milton proved to be more salient on some occasions but it does mean that Shakespeare poetry was not impressive.

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Their Work:

Milton was close to nature and most of his poetry has the element of liberty and beliefs but when we see poetry of Shakespeare so he has written for all cohorts including baby boomers, Xers and Y Generation and it is loved and appreciated by all over the world. Shakespeare has written many plays and they became center of attraction for audience for a greater span of time. His sonnets are still famous and some of them are:

The most famous sonnets by William Shakespeare are:

  • William Shakespeare Sonnet 029 – When in disgrace with fortune
  • William Shakespeare Sonnet 116 – Let me not to the marriage of true minds
  • William Shakespeare Sonnet 126 – O thou my lovely boy
  • William Shakespeare Sonnet 130 – My Mistress’ eyes
  • William Shakespeare Sonnet 18 – Shall I compare thee to a Summer’s day?

John Milton epic poem “Paradise Lost” is very famous. This beautiful poem is about the Adam and Eve and how they came in this world and why God send them to this world. With time as the changes comes in poetry and literature so the changes occurs in the writing style but however both of these poets know their masses so well that they came up with great writing pieces and wins the heart of the many people.

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The work that has done by both has a great significance in history and they have paved a way for many poets to come forward and serve nation because what they did in seventh century, it is still having importance in this 21st century. The language of the art is communicative and empowering. That’s the only reason they are liked by every where in this world.

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