Organizations Ethical Norms

The underlying rationale behind the code of ethics is to help illuminate ethics in the workplace which involves identifying and prioritizing values to guide employee behaviors in the organization and to establish associated policies and procedures that identify the organizations ethical norms.

A code of ethics is therefore developed to specify objectives, duties, obligations with a view to regulate the organizations conduct in the host country and reflects the organizations commitment to maintain highest standards of professionalism and to foster a broad understanding among its employees in relation to their conduct and success of the organization. To the extent possible, such codes of ethics are considered to be company wide regardless of the area of operations.

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Code of ethics should take into account the legitimate interests of the host population and there should not be two or more sets of code of ethics. For example IOM operates in more than 100 countries worldwide and has one set of code of conduct whose fundamental principles are founded on responsibility, honesty, fairness and respect, and in addition it includes a guide on application of code of conduct to assist employees in making decisions behind the principles.

Its development and approval was after extensive consultation with HRM and the Management and it’s not possible to have a set of ethics for Switzerland and others for countries abroad. Moreover organizations operating in IM have received their harshest criticism by operating with divergent set of rules in different countries. The code developed can serve perhaps as a policy guide for worldwide operations and employees are expected to be guided by it.

To conclude, it’s a critical step for the management of every organization to provide leadership that helps to develop a mindset for strong ethical cultures while at the same time recognizing the value of employees and engaging in collaborative efforts to find common ground with respect to human resources and ethical practices.

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