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Norm Referenced Standardized Test Evaluation Format 1- Title: WISC-4th edition 2- Author: Wechsler, D. 3- Publisher: 4- Forms and Groups to which applicable: 5- Practical features: 6- General type of test: 7- Date of publication: 8- / 9 – Scoring Services available and cost 10- time required: 11- General description of test, items and scoring: 12- Author’s purpose and basis for selecting items 13-Adequacy of directions 14- Specific mental functions or traits represented in each score, 15- Validity- specific types used and results: a). Content Validity b) Convergent Validity c) Discriminant Validity 16- Reliability – specific types used and results: 17- Long-terms stability 18- Norms -specific information regarding norm sample: 19- Comments of non-biased reviewers (at least two) one paragraph per reviewer)

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Norm Referenced Standardized Test Evaluation Format

  1. Title: WISC-4th edition (Wechsler intelligence test)
  2. Author: David Wechsler
  3. Publisher: Harcourt Assessment, Inc.
  4. Forms and Groups to which applicable

WISC IV is administered individually and is a clinical instrument that is employed for the purpose of assessing the cognitive ability of children between the ages of 6 and 16 years 11 months. It offers crucial information as well as clinical insights when it comes to a child’s cognitive functioning.

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