Philosophy – Summary of Renaissance Interlude

The renaissance interlude was a period in the European civilization which came straight after the Middle Ages. This interlude was marked by a sharp increase in the interest towards classical learning as well as values. The period was characterized through the discovery of many new continents and the substitution of the Copernican by the Ptolemaic system of astronomy and It as well witnessed the fall of the feudal system and rapid growth in commerce as well as industry. Many powerful and highly significant inventions and applications were born such as paper, printing, the mariner’s compass, as well as the gunpowder. However many scholars still choose to think of it as an interlude that was essentially marked by learning and wisdom following a long and period marked by cultural decline as well as stagnation.

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Events occurring in the beginning of the twelve century resulted in a series of intellectual, political and social transformations that ushered what is known as Renaissance to historians today a period after the middle Ages and it was marked through a decline in the influence of the Roman Catholic Church. It also involved the increase in the importance of city-states as well as national monarchies, plus the collapse of the old feudal structures. It as well saw the development of numerous national languages.

Although the spirit of Renaissance was translated into many forms, its earliest expressions were seen in an intellectual movement known as Humanism. The fall of Constantinople in the year 1453 was a big boost for Humanism as a large number of eastern scholars fled to Italy and consequently the accumulation of a significant amount of intellectual capital, important books and manuscripts and most importantly: a lnog standing tradition of Greek scholarship.

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