Prayer In School

Summary: A 2 page persuasive/argumentative essay on should prayers be allowed in school.


Due to the globalization the issue of prayer is become a serious issue all over the world and societies are facing this issue on daily basis and parents are worried for their kids because government is not giving proper attention to this matter as they are busy in geo political matters and considers nation issue secondary. The violence is getting increase day by day and there is a need of prayer so that can calm down the nation and unity must be built to make the country strong. Children are the asset of any nation and to make them educated and close to religion and give them teaching of religion is equally important like of other form of education.

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Prayers are Essential:

What I believe that prayers are essential for every children and it should be allowed to schools to offer prayers because there is no harm in it and it will be good for the nation and also for the institution itself. It will be productive for the child. It was in 1962 that banned school prayers and parents protested as they were of the opinion by that they are humiliating their religious teachings. But however there are schools which still keep on practicing the prayers because they consider them as the root for better nation and good economy. Schools need prayers because there is so much hate and violence has been absorbed in the society and it is believe that prayers give love and lesson of peace and if one child can change his attitude so prayer at schools can change at massive level.

The problem of how to pray can be solved by simply making one prayer for all religion because it will be hard to do prayer according to each and every individual belief. The best way to is to do collectively prayer at school and there is no religion in the world which tells to do fight and creates chaos and violence but all gives the lesson of sincerity and honesty along with the spreading of love and helping out others especially those who are needy and poor.


It is important to offer prayers at schools in a proper manner because if we will not respect the prayers then it will be useless. So it is responsibility of school teachers, staff members, administration and other faculty members to make sure that it should be observed according to the prescribed method. Teachers should not discourage the children to do pray during school timings.

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