Separation Anxiety

The concept of separation creates confusion among children and it brings anxiety and raises the fear of losing their parents. Children can not understand this in an easy manner because it is hard to explain in reality what it has effect on mental level of child. Those couples who got separation need to work on arranging meetings frequently and a hard work is required to do brainstorming of a kid that they will be feeling safe and secure mentally and physically.

The result of that separation makes the child dull in studies and all the time you will notice that such kids are not paying attention to their studies and they feel lack behind in studies. This shakes the confidence of the kid and they are not able to communicate with their class mates properly. The behavior of such kids resulted in depression and aggression.

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It is required to do look after children in much better way so that he/she can not become victim of any trauma. Such child needs to be catered at their best so that they should have well organized manner and behavior towards life. The normal thinking and behavior of most children cannot be expected of the child who has been delayed by trauma and/or who has disabilities (Poole & Miller& Church 2004). Apart from that it is researched that such anxiety levels affect the thinking abilities of a kid.

When we look on the other side so we came to know that courts are failed in order to implement any law and order to that particular problem and they can not recognize the behavior of the children as it changes from one child to another. Here I will be sharing example on that topic like a teenager’s mistakes in thinking while with a group of inebriated friends involved in a fight where a victim is seriously injured could also be seen at high school parties where no arrests occur. So such kind of examples are common in our society now days.

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