Sophia of Hanove

Sophia was born to Frederick V and Elizabeth Stuart in Hague. She was the youngest of five daughters and spent many years of early life in Leiden. Sophia later went to live with her mother back in Hague in 1614. Sophia contributed much of her hard work to the herrenhausen gardens that surrounded the palace surrounded she lived in. Sophia played a prominent role in protestant British history during the time of William III. It was during this time, that there were five thousand followers of Sophia but only few of them were successful in her cause. Since the 1705 act of naturalization, British citizenship was offered to many Sophia’s non catholic descendants (Duggan, 2009).

Sophia was older than Queen Anne but enjoyed good health even in later years. In 1714, she died at the age of 83 years after being taken to a shelter from her beloved gardens of harrenhausen due to heavy rains (Duggan, 2009). Her son George Ludwig of Hanover took hold of her responsibilities after her death and there were different generations of Sophia from British and German which was one of the many issues during World War I. Sophia of Hanove was a woman of abilities and knew the secrets of a happy living. She gained popular recognition in 19th century after having several of her texts on British princesses published (Duggan, 2009).

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  • Duggan, J. (2009). Sophia of Hanover: Mother of George I and ancestor of the House of Windsor. London: Peter Owen.

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