Sports, Culture, And Family

The Black Power Movement following the American Civil Rights Movement in the 1960s and 1970s supported the ethnic cohesion and racial pride. This movement inspired a new way of African American expression through arts and literature and is also more generally referred to as the Black Arts Movement. The culture of black Americans got more interest during these years. A significant and determining cultural aspect of African American Movement is also referred as the Harlem Renaissance.

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The infusion of aesthetics of African origin is evident in the Harlem Renaissance and signifies the cultural sensibility and awareness. The cultural elements of African culture which were previously devalued and suppressed in order to shape the Eurocentric America were all revitalized. As a result, the natural hairstyles, and clothing such as afro and dashiki gained much popularity. It is of more importance to note that the change to African American aesthetic facilitated a new wave of personal pride as well as political awareness amongst all African Americans.

In the days of slavery, families of black Americans were separated with the sale of each member. However, despite growing up and living separately numerous African American families maintained familial bonds. African men and women who had been liberated or has bought themselves freedom or those who escaped or managed to run away from their masters more than often strived and worked hard to buy back their own family members. After the ban on slavery, most African American families were able to live as regular families.

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