Technology – DEMING And TQM


One of Deming’s most controversial positions is his analysis that individual performance appraisals are harmful. This analysis is based, at least in part, on the position that individuals are unfairly penalized in these appraisals for deficiencies that be linked to the system they job in^—which is created by managing—rather than for behavior over which they have manage. In fact, Deming states in public seminars that the relation contributions of the system as well as the individual on observed behavior are “unknowable.” Therefore if the manager can’t perfectly determine the contribution of individuals, how can their act are validly rated?

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A group of Deming masters, statisticians trained and “blessed” by Deming, are likely to inherit his mantle. There are symbols of success in organizations, ranging from the section of Defense to large and small manufacturers, and even some universities

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