The Beatles


This is one of the very famous bands of UK and in 1960 this band came in existence in Liverpool. In the field of popular music they have paved the way for the next generation. Like any other English rock groups performing now a day the Beatles is also one of these. The group has started performance in the early 1950s but still successful for their wonderful performance with in the English musical groups. It belongs to Liverpool when they have started working as a rock group they followed the style of 1950s.

Working Style:

Their work was different because they have not followed the single style they work on different music categories such as rock and roll, pop and Indian music styles. Their success is evident from the fact that there is nothing any musical group in history who have performed at that high level as the Beatles are their albums have been sold at highest amount not only in Liverpool buy also in other countries of the world where they performed on the stage.

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History of the Beatles Group


BeatlesJohn Lennon at the age of sixteen he started this band and later at the age of fifteen Paul McCartney joined him as a guitarist. With the passage of time with the changes in musical techniques there was also the change in rock groups took place. This group was changes to the name the Beatles that was called the beat of brothers. According to the United States sales of singles and albums it was found that the Beatles took the highest point in all. In one of the report of EMI this band one billion discs or tapes were sold in the year 1985. First performer who formed this group was john Lennon, he had given the name of quarrymen to this group in 1957 and with the time passes this group was joined by other persons such as it was joined by McCartney in July 1957 and in February 1958 it was joined by guitarist George Harrison. Year passed there were several changes in the group and the group’s stars took place but the constant members of the group remains the same that is Lennon Harrison and McCartney. There are several philosophies behind the name Beatles, like someone called this as the beat of brothers, in the view of Cynthia Lennon the nameBeatles was given on the brainstorming session over a beer soaked table in the renshaw hall bar. They have performed with singer john gentle also when they visited as a backup group to north east of Scotland. Norman Chapman also joined this group in 1964 as a drummer but he continued only for few weeks then left this group. They have also performed in the Indra and KaiserKeller bars of Hamburg. They have gone three times in Hamburg and in their second tour they have performed in more than 120 clubs. In their third trip they have performed in the star club in 1962. This group was also promoted by Sam leech and clears the success way for this group with forty nine time performances on the Liverpool stages.

According to the United States sales of singles and albums it was found that the Beatles took the highest point in all.

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Rock bands are very popular in UK and they have gained good name through out the history and since today their name is alive and people remember them and regards their name in good books. There are no other groups which can really stand out like Beatles.

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