Film,TV & Theater Sound in “Titanic” ( 1998 James Cameron)

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One sentence thesis,formal elements of the film (formal elements include: editing, cinematography, sound, mise-en-scene, and narrative.) Research for topic (books, periodicals, newpapers, and web sources.)
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Thesis Statement: The successfulness of the soundtrack in Titanic as well as its influence on music sales in the 2 years later than its release.

The movie has made records of historical proportions in most categories of theatre. The movie took in a calculation of $2.8 Billion and Titanic lovers still aren’t full of it.

Many film critics are of the view that the music of Titanic is the beginning of a new era in the success of films soundtracks of hit movies. The Titanic soundtrack features a number of unique elements that makes it even further difficult to measure its success.

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The soundtrack of Titanic was recorded through Sony Classical has been equally successful as well as has made significant sales records for motion picture soundtrack recordings. The soundtrack has held the record for one of the longest consecutive soundtrack run at the top of music charts. James Horner’s Titanic soundtrack boosted the classical unit sales by over 34% on an annual basis, the CIN data shows.

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Titanic’s sound as well as music transfers emotions and feelings of the scenes straight to the viewer’s heart. The main song, “My heart will go on” by Celine Dion, gives the viewer an idealistic impression of love, as well as how it is free from any bounds, the music of the song was again repeated in the scene where Jack plus Rose stand on the edge of the ship, the song suits the scene by complimenting the emotions felt by the characters which are translated through the song’s music and successfully felt by the audience.


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