To Kill A Mockingbird


This term paper is about the story that has the main character Atticus Finch (portrayed by Gregory Peck) and the whole story revolves around him. How does this (fictional) character represent the social contradictions and social change of the depression-era South of United States? How is this evident through the interpersonal interactions that Atticus has with the various other characters. The director of the movie has really done good job and portrayed him in a nice manner.

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Explanation of Character:

The novel has explained the traditional norms and conditions and builds a close relation with other character of the play. The school guidance counselor has a traditional role in establishing assistance for students in P-12 the grade. Rather than act as gatekeepers and sorters of students for differential learning opportunities, guidance counselors in these schools advocate for all students to have access to challenging and meaningful learning. It was custom of that school to promote the children and made them an important part of the school guidance counselors worked as leaders and they have the skill to attract the masses at large number and apart from those curriculum developers to expand students’ access to knowledge. The responsibility of the teachers is to enhance the inner capabilities of the students and especially those who are of seventh and eight graders. It is the duty of the students to fulfill their asks
and duties and to achieve the goals and the plans that are desires of their teachers. This programming has been roved to be in great favor for children and the main purpose of spreading education has become an easy after the introduction of that program.

It is the responsibility of the counselors to look after the students and also to promote the educational system and educators in these schools understand that, though “life” may deem some people more suitable for some roles than others, it is not for schools to serve that function. The only possible way to achieve the success of human intelligence is to aware people about the programming system.

Each and every school needs to develop the sense of social values and they must consider that as their priority to make sure that children develop both their coping plus their helping potential. As a means to this end, caring schools are developing multilevel support systems that actively communicate concern for the welfare of others. The movie reveals the typical set up of stereotyping racist events and the Atticus who is the main character, has to face the taunting behavior and the difference between black and white has made the movie a classical literature piece.


This whole story has two important goals in regards to the efforts that are empowered to establish the P-12 school counselors. The first one is to make the functional model for students of school where they can copy the material in order to enhance their living styles and second is to make them aware of the life reality by showing them different experiences of life.

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